Monday, January 5


Somewhere in the midst of my 34 hour Sickening, I made the mistake of deviating from my zombie-like bed-to-bathroom-back-to-bed-back-to-bathroom path in order to check my work email. Nothing like a little red exclamation point from one's boss to really put in perspective just how shitty you thought you felt before. Turns out I messed up my billing and that I was charging un-condoned overtime. On a contract that already had serious burn issues. Greeeaaaat.

I zombied on back to bed. Laid there with eyes wide open. Stupid dayQuil messed up my billing sheet and stupider nyQuil not nearly effective enough.

So pretty much the only reason I forced myself to rally this morning, not only brush my teeth but take a shower AND wash my hair (take THAT, Sickness!!), was because I knew I wasn't going to be able to return to the proper and necessary zombification until the billing error had somehow been rectified. For all the SlickDealery and coupon clipping, I wasn't so much concerned with the mistake costing me cash as I was that it might cost professional reputation points. As you can imagine, I have few of those to spare. And no decent rebates.

Arrived at work, put my happy face on in the elevator (which was particularly complicated because it seriously did not want to go on, stupid straps and elastic bands), and said my hello's, good morning's, happy new year'sesses. The bosses boss, just back from a 2 week vacation, greeted me and gave me a folder. Attempts to respond orally caused him to abruptly back up, wave his palms at me and flee. Guess I sound about as good as I feel.

Dropped the folder at my desk and logged in to check my email. Another little red exclamation point from my manager stating that he miscounted, he rendered an apology, and that my billing statement was fine.


Zombification to reconvene in five... four... three....

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zandria said...

What a horrible, mean thing to do to a sick person! And he ended up being WRONG!!???