Sunday, May 4

You Ran a Marathon? Oh, That's Cute.

We're in the red zone. There are goggles in the kitchen.
T minus 14 days until the Columbia Triathlon. The crazy time is upon us. It's time to stand by and watch as he eats $200 worth of groceries every 36 hours and supplements it with twice daily visits to Wendy's. Standby as he samples new chemical methods offering temporary bits of relief to his lower extremities and then passes out, drooling on the couch, mid-sentence. The worst part is no longer the 4am wake-up on race day, it's surviving the pre-race roller coaster of self doubt, soaring ego and masochism. Tempers are short and naps are long. Here's to (both of us) surviving a successful and fast 2008 triathlon season..!

Why is that funny?


Scott said...

love the tshirt...did you order enough for all of us to wear while we cheer him along in pittsburgh?

zandria said...

That t-shirt is GREAT! I want one. :)

† Mr.TkH † said...

Ahaha XD very very nice!!
I love this T-Shirt..

Burnt Couch said...

If only the $200 was true. Sadly, I barely eat $25 worth a day.

More like I burn $200 worth daily though.