Wednesday, May 14

I Made The Front Page!!!1!!

...of Slickdeals, (a.k.a. my favorite mistake).

Oh and you, too, can get your free Breeze litter box system, below. Hope that makes up for the late notice ice cream freebie...


Will work for reps


Anonymous said...

Your family must be so proud!

Burnt Couch said...

I am EXTREMELY proud of my boo!

Congratulations on making the front page beary!!!
now you can stop buying shit from it, right? ;)

lol.....but seriously


Scott said...

haveyaseenlucky: somehow, somewhere, honeybee-momma is shedding a tear of joy over her daughter's frugality...

Deatoni said...

Very cool. Oh, because i like stealing thunder, Dunkin Donuts is giving away free iced coffees tomorrow.

Caffinate in good health!

Leonidas said...

who cares about cat boxes when hard drives are on special?

Scott said...

i got the coupon 3 weeks ago, but the litterbox hasn't shown up yet. shenanigans!