Tuesday, May 13

Hurry To a Honery!

Haagen Dazs is giving away free scoops of their Vanilla Honey Bee ice cream today and today only!

Oh and they're also donating $100,000 to the University of California to address the bee population decline, which is almost as admirable as free ice cream. Especially because, ironically, Haagen Dasz (and I) will be depriving many bees of the fruits of their labor.

Find your local participating HD here and buzz on by.


Sean said...

If only I had read this post earlier in the day.

Deatoni said...

Yea nice going K. That was information that couldve been useful to me YESTERDAY. ;)

Hunny Bee May said...

I got all excited for a sec thinking it was today. Then I saw the date. It was yesterday. Now I'm sad.

haveyaseenlucky said...

Yeah, that was way too late. BAD FORM!