Tuesday, April 8

Next Week, Free Crack!

Effective marketing these days seems to somehow seamlessly marry the "everything is better when you're amongst a small group who knows about it" concept with the ease and pride of forwarding viral ads to every single one of your contacts, so it was only a matter of time before Starbucks jumped in on the "secret" marketing bandwagon by announcing an announcement.

The good news breaks down like this:
  • Starting today, they're brewing a new blend (which is really their old blend) of coffee and it's going to be fresher and awesomer without sacrificing the reproductive rights of Ethiopian children and yadda yadda yadda... but wait, there's free stuff!
  • Get ye to a *$ today (they say between noon and noon-thirty, but probably just get there whenever) and get 2 free cards that will grant you the powers to possess a free new-old blend coffee every Wednesday through Memorial day.
    • You can also snag said card in today's paper.
  • Today only, receive free samples of the new blend all the live long day.
  • From now on, use your registered Starbucks (reloadable) card to swipe your morning coffee and:
    • the refills are free !
    • Swipe a latte and all the pumps your sweet tooth desires and/or milk upgrade are yours at no cost courtesy of The Big Green Monster (who we might now have to refer to as The Big Brown Monster, which will surely not sit well with Snuffleupagus, due to their retro enbrownenated cups representing their new-old blend).
Anyway, it's free and it's caffeinated. And if you're not the resident mammoth on Sesame Street, what's not to love.


Ellie said...

Very nice. Thanks for sharing. It should help my non-coffe addiction.

mineIsay said...

dammit, i already bought my latte.

Burnt Couch said...

I'm hoping that this will turn the tide and I won't have to pray for the death of all things Starbucks but alas, they can burn this coffee just as easily I'm sure. =\

Scott said...

I've been getting teaser emails on this for a week. However, I hate the new roast, and don't like their regular coffee anyways. So I walked off with my GNC Peaches N' Scream Smoothie and tossed the cup o' crack

Anonymous said...

Caffeine addicts get all the best deals, why can't there be crap like this for yogurt addicts?

Shannon said...

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