Friday, April 4

Chocolate Twizzlers Update

No, I'm not over this yet. Thanks for asking.

Got a couple more responses to my eBay Chocolate TWIZZLERS inquiries. Good news, NOT:

Dear honeykbee,
Thanks for your email. The Chocolate Twizzlers we currently have are the new recipe, and NOT the old recipe. We are waiting for an updated picture.
I wish we could still get the old recipe chocolate twizzlers. Seems noone likes the new recipe. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks, Jeff Beulahs Candyland

Swing and a miss. Strike two. Swing batta, batta, batta, SWING...

Dear honeykbee,
Oh Kbee, How I wish they were the old style. I'm not sure what is wrong wih the new ones but I get many requests every day for the old style. I live in a fairly major metro area so for awhile I was going from food market to food market and buying up the remaining old ones but I haven't seen any more for awhile now. If I do come across any I will be sure to let you know.
- ilf_sales

Did you hear any of that Hershey's? Are you listening?? Do prove us all wrong about you. Your stock is falling in more ways than one.

Hershey's customer service had this to add:

Thank you for contacting The Hershey Company.

For assistance with your question, initially, let me thank you for the nice words. I certainly appreciate it.

As for these TWIZZLERS Chocolate Twists, this is a difficult one. My best suggestion to find this product in the previous incarnation is to check closeout stores such as BIG LOTS, DOLLAR GENERAL, or DOLLAR TREE. They have a history of having hard-to-find products and Limited Edition varieties of our products. As you may realize by now, this reformulation is a very unpopular one, and many of our consumers are doing the same thing you are, and I certainly wish you luck.

So, as soon as I can convince my aching legs to move (important lesson: save snarky comments about your trainer until AFTER she works you out), I'm going to go scour the local BIG LOTS and dollar stores. That's right, I simply can't wait to go score me some edible perishables at the dollar store!


English Teacher Extraordinaire said...

Wow--you're looking on eBay for Version 1.0 of Chocolate Twizzlers? Why don't you, dare I suggest it, simply choose a new brand? I have Chocolate Twizzlers and was certainly not floored. Maybe try a specialty candy shop?

Dan T. said...

Why don't you s*ck sh*t through a tube ? Chocolate Twizzlers were the BEST. Now they taste like your comment (pure useless sh*t)