Tuesday, March 11


Vote for Rhiannon Catapano, not just because she has the coolest first name ever (and we know Stevie Nicks would agree, if she wasn't, you know, too hungover to actually show up for our combined birthday concert. What? I am not still bitter. I'm just saying.) nor because her last name is so close to Catalano it hurts, but because she is a really deserving and fine chick, most studious in nature.

$20,000 is on the line. I don't oft ask for your clickery, but I ask you today.

A vote for Rhiannon Catapano, East #3, is a vote for change in America. And cheesecake. And the "no refund, no rain dates" policy applying to performers as well.

Thanks, and good luck Rhiannon!


SWEET!! Rhiannon made it to the final bracket!

DUDE!! She still needs your votes.

Please do so, here.


mineIsay said...

Thank you :) For all that need encouragement, this girl has devoted her life to getting quite the education. She is unbelievably deserving of this scholarship.

JoeMama said...

women say too much as it is. I'm not voting. humpf!

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

I voted for her (I think), but I am not entirely sure what is going on here. I guess I need to check the archives, huh?