Thursday, March 13

Bee(n) Thinking

  • Did you know that Sheryl Crow’s “My Favorite Mistake” is about Eric Clapton? You did? Wow, cause that is so not who I was picturing. At all. On that note, I refuse to identify 94.7 as “The Globe”. It is forever 94.7, “The Arrow” and that’s that.

  • There’s a tv on in the waiting room and it’s showing “Days of Our Lives”. How is it possible that this show is still on the air? Not one thing has happened since I last watched this show almost 15 years ago. NOT. ONE. THING. In 2023, I’ll probably be saying the same thing about LOST.

  • You know those grumpy, nasty-by-nature people? Those surly, surly individuals who NEVER smile? The kind that don’t even acknowledge your greeting when you pass them in the hallway? I’ve noticed that they are the ones smiling hugely in their badges or drivers license photos. Really, who do they think they're kidding at that point?

  • What is the singular tense of Rolaids? Does anyone ever ask for just one Rolaid? You never hear, “Hey, can I get a Tum?”. Consider this the unmasking of yet another clever marketing ploy leading to over medicated masses.

  • Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman's kids have some serious serial-killer potential. You know, the ones they adopted when they were together, not their current super-celeb hatclings. No one has seen or heard from those original kids in a long, long time. The papparazzi can't even find them, which is just bonechilling if you ask me. I fear that between his questionable antics and her ...British accent (well, okay, mostly due to him, I cant really think of how she might have ruined them. Maybe with her large forehead and overacting?) that the long-forgotten adoptees might be somewhere torturing domesticated animals. Jjust waiting for the right moment to impart their revenge on cold, cruel society.
  • Allergy commercials: the first unofficial sign of spring.
  • In today’s fast-paced, instant-gratification society driven by coolfactor, I really think we need a cool nickname for cigarettes. And, no, “fag” just doesn’t comply. Can you think of any other words (or names) that have long survived a three syllable moniker?


Burnt Couch said...

And this is what Grinds My Gears. Diane?

haveyaseenlucky said...

What's wrong with "smokes"?

honeykbee said...
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honeykbee said...

Excellent points, the both of you.

Unless "smokes" is a nickname for one of Tom Cruises's kids? Then, lots.

Sean said...

I heard a theory that Eric Clapton was the subject of “My Favorite Mistake,” but I didn't realize that this was confirmed.

Regardless, this is much less disturbing than the fact that the Alanis Morissette song "You Oughta Know" is about actor Dave Coulier of Full House.

Anonymous said...

Okay, did not know about Clapton, and am STILL disturbed that Alanis and Joey did the deed. I mean... JOEY?

And you can see Connor and Isabella Cruise every so often on the Celebrity Baby Blog.

-Robyn the celebrity baby stalker and adoptve mom extraordinare.

Scott said...

-Marlena hasn't gone ape-shit in the past 24 hours, so there's still a story to tell
-I smiled in mine...not the current one
-I usually do one rolaid...too much calcium messes with my kidneys
-those babies were sacrificed to l. ron hubbard, or the skeksis...i forget which
-I hate those mucinex boogers.
-Cancer Stick? Though, I like "Fag"... Brian was sucking on a fag... ;-)

randiedoula said...

Does anyone else miss Another World? Passions just doesn't cut the mustard.

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