Tuesday, March 4

Putting the Hon in Maid of Honor

Irregardless of where you be at, bye now your probly wondering what their number won problem is. Oh, I almost for got to tell you I got my hair did! I'm all, like, red now. Actually. Whatever. Say it with me now, "its' not my roll to correct your grammer". Clearly? Too much pseudo-fed and MSCL.

Ok so is it really Wednesday already? How can that be? Why just yesterday it was Saturday and I was running around shopping for maid of honor dresses without a care in the world (well, beyond not being able to breathe due to undergarments constructed by a team of welders)... and then... and then The Sick came. For those of you keeping count at home, this is The Second Sick of 2008 thus far. I'm all hopped up on something fizzy Brian gave me. Three cheers for winter! Hip, hip, ACHOO!!! Goddamnit. Sneezing hurts. Where's the remote?



mineIsay said...

Better news! Not only is is not Wednesday, but it's Thursday! Hip-Hip Hooray! Thank you for your cooperation on Saturday, and I will send a donation to the welders union for their unwielding support. * groan *

And screw you, jordon catalano.

Scott said...


B said...

Did you know that he became a heroin addict and died last year?

so yea, I guess he got the big screw you

HaveYouSeenLucky said...

Oh no! You got the multiple sick too?! That sucks!