Monday, December 10

Two Quick Things


When was the last time you took a flight that even remotely resembled this pictorial depiction?

A bathrobe on a floating mattress of feathers? Who are they kidding? Last time I flew I was ecstatic to have both the male and female ends of the sticky seat belt intact. It was almost like someone had attempted to gnaw through the strap.


Is this really the most appropriate photo they could find to run alongside ...??


Deatoni said...

1. I bet this is what the airlines call "supersecret double probation first class" feels like.

2. Pretty harsh, though it'd been better if they captioned it with "I'll show you how high i can jump over that wall while vomiting!" or "ConCUSSION Stand!" or "Celebrating The Oldumbpics!"

Scott said...

::snort:: thanks.. i needed that...rough day.

[Baby Banana] said...

Now while I can definitely attest to not feeling anything like that picture looks like (misshapeness and all, I did sleep my arse off on last month's trip home from Taipei. Not sure if it was the seat or the exhaustion, but it wasn't that bad. And it was on United.

S said...

this must be satire. i flew united for my thanksgiving holiday - and by that i mean, i spent thanksgiving day eating five guys in an empty terminal at dulles airport with no united employees to be found who could be pestered for (read: shook until they gave up) information about the 'mechanical problem.'

so yeah. go united.

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Knock, knock...Are you dead?