Wednesday, December 19

No, They Didn't "Get Him"

Upon arriving at work, my morning ritual consists of getting my email and then checking the MSNBC headlines for anything of remote interest. Then, I check my email again and then refresh MSNBC to see if anything new has popped up in the last 18 seconds. One never knows. Perhaps there's been a terrorist attack, perhaps they discovered both a cure and a link between grey-hair and muscle soreness, perhaps another starlet got knocked up before being legally allowed to drive. You know, those kinds of things. Sometimes, this enticing cycle of refreshment goes on all day, much to the detriment of any work needing to actually get done.

Today, upon checking MSNBC, I saw this breaking news photo regarding part of the white house being on fire:

Then when I clicked back 18 seconds later and hit refresh, the "updated" photo nearly caused me to spitoon my splenda latte:

Ha ha, MSNBC. You got me.

I get it, I get it. Back to work I go.


Scott said...

::chortle:: That just made my day. Even more than Hermie and the cookie. Thank you!

Anonymous said...