Tuesday, November 20

What, You've Never Heard of Thanksgiving Week?! It's Like Memorial Day Week, Just 6 Months Earlier

Why will this horribly short horrible week not just END!? Why why WHY!? Are these two of the longest days the world has ever seen or is it me? It's dark when I get up, it's dark when I get home, it's dark in between when I call and request that HP not continue to send my shit to an address where no one has lived for 14 months for the SIXTEENTH time, if it weren't for being bathed in fluorescents I would see no light at all. (Hey maybe this is some kind of karma thing for all that "I'm a carnivore" ranting I did a few weeks ago after meeting with doctor Patchouli?). I'm wilting here! How many meetings can one person have in two little days anyway? I've seriously had had more meetings in the last 48 hours than in the last ....48 months. *Does math*. Seriously! I'm not exaggerating!

*Sigh*. Excuse me, where's my latte?


Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Wow...sucks to be you. But it is nice here by the pool. :)

carrie m said...

i'm a firm believer in the ides of november. just think about the wine and turkey coma you'll be in tomorrow. happy t-day!

Bri said...

what was that? done more work in the past 48 hours then in the last 48 months? ;)

Good trip....good trip....Happy T-day