Wednesday, November 7

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MikeOne: Oh, he showed me.
hkbeelog: did he take his pants off again?!
MikeOne: yeah, but just 1 leg
hkbeelog: *sigh*
hkbeelog: he seriously took his pants off at the gym yesterday
hkbeelog: in front of my whole weight training class and my trainer
hkbeelog: AND he was wearing a tshirt that said "WEST FUCKIN VIRGINIA" in huge letters.
hkbeelog: my trainer said "your boyfriend has removed his pants" and she was looking directly behind me. I said, without turning around "you might be surprised how often I hear that".
hkbeelog: i looked at him, sweat pouring down, pants at his ankles, the mother of all expletives in 88pt font on his shirt, and said..... "I don't even know where to begin".
MikeOne: How about with fireproofing your couch?


Scott said...

he didn't show ME. ::pout::

Beakerz said...

just for you scott, i'll try to recreate the scene this weekend. we just have to remind k to bring a camera to the gym.

and as a follow-up, I responded that while at first I figured I don't care what people think, that I think it's now obvious that I do care....and I just wanna piss em off. LOL

I love my shirt btw, and M1.....too funny! fireproof. HA!

Beakerz said...

and yes, that's me in the picture of a couch burning ;)

Deatoni said...

Wait wait...COOCH or couch?

Anonymous said...

this is why i don't go to the gym