Monday, October 22

Mission Critical

Four days from now we'll be dressing up for L's annual Halloween debauchery bash. This party definitely attracts the creative sort (one dude came as a diorama one year and another in all black, including blackface and hands, as the ipod shadow) and I am starting to panic over the fact that I still don't have a costume (let alone a "couple" of costumes) picked out. Maybe it's the triple cafe latte talking, but I hate saving these things for the last minute.

I'd rather not pop holes in my favorite white sheets and go as ghosts, because then Betty Davis will roll her sexy, sexy eyes at me and B will whine about how hot he is under there all night. Plus, ghosts lack a pie-hole.

Here's where you and all your creative juices come in:

Costume suggestions needed!

If I choose your suggestion, you win a prize. A good one. For real.

Like these would be great.
If I had any fabric. Or sewing skills.
And if they were properly ventilated with a high-end fanning system underneath as well as with a hole in which to insert cookies.


Trying to Try to be positive said...

no 'pie hole' in these either, i suspect.

and freaking out...really? It's a costume. It's supposed to be fun.

I think "Betty" should be happy you're there at all, but what do I know.

Debbie Downer said...

Almond Joy ("I've got Nuts" on back) and Mounds ("I Don't" on back)

Sam Adams and Saint Pauly Girl

Super Mario and the Princess

Mr. and Mrs. Pac-Man - Jeans, Yellow T-Shirts, Giant Red Bow in the woman's hair

Flavor Flav (female) and Brigitte Nielsen (male).

Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky

Ball and Chain

Morton Salt and an Energizer Battery (assault and battery)

Mustard and Ketchup (dress in all red or all yellow, with felt M or K on chest, birthday hat painted the same color for top)

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

Al and Peg Bundy

Dan and Roseanne Barr

Drew Carey and Mimi

Laverne and Shirley

Lucy and Ricky

carrie m said...

I think those are chairs dressed up, I don't think there are people inside.

I'm not being helpful, but how can I follow Debbie Downer?

naechstehaltestelle said...

I went once as a Girls Gone Wild Commercial. I had a tan tank top on, a sparkly shirt pulled up and pinned, and a black cardboard box taped over my boobs. I walked into the room and yelled obnoxiously a lot. Also I wore Mardi Gras beads and drank a lot. Easy, cheap costume.

dara said...

Two years ago, I went out with my friend as Slash and Axl. He wore a top hat, sunglasses, black jeans, and a CBGB's tshirt, and carried a bottle of Jack Daniels, while I wore a long red wig with a bandanna, a black tshirt under a red flannel shirt, and ripped jeans. Neither of us had to make anything.

mineIsay said...

if she shows up in a Girls Gone Wild outfit. i just... i just don't know what i would do, something miraculous, something totally unbefitting to my personality, it would be so outrageous i can't even mention it publicly.

Scott said...

- Bear and Honey-pot
- Mac and PC (b in suit and you in jeans and t-shirt)
- Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell (b can be paula and whine unintelligibly and you can be simon and just make a lot of bitchy comments... wait... nevermind)
- Pat Sajak and Vanna White
- Kelso and Donna
- VHS and Betamax
- Devo
- 80s-style Work-out buddies (complete w/ leg-warmers, off-the-shoulder sweat shirt, and headbands)
- Bruce Springsteen and Madonna (circa 84)
- Tampon and Maxi-Pad

Deatoni said...

How about instead of making it a full complete costume, you carry around a puppet sized version of the Yip-yip-yip monsters? Or even the Sesame street Honkers?

haveyouseenlucky said...

Magnum PI

Hunny Bee May said...

I love those yip yip monsters. They were my faves on SS! Not great as a costume, though. Agreed.
Hmmm....girls gone wild sounds...interesting. You could get plastered and say its just part of the get-up. Your guy could be Joe Francis in black and white jail stripes, following you around with a video camera and some beers.
I'm sticking with my standard... black kitty cat with cute ear headband, fake lashes and tight black leotard.
The two-year-old is going as a monkey-pilot.
I'm sure I've been of no help. My appologies.