Tuesday, October 2

Beelog Accidentally Evicts Self!

Must be the week that the warantees expire. In the middle of a deliverable last week, my spacebar died. Yup, just up and died. Mid sentence. My frantic help request looked like this:
There's a few keys that I could do without for a brief period of time, but spacebar isn't one of them. Have to be pretty darn creative to compose a 150+ page document without a functional spacebar. Why doesn't the } key ever go out? Or the ~? I mean really, when was the last time you used a tilde? Or the last time you called your Aunt Tilda? Whatever, I found a PS2 keyboard and slapped that puppy on like a spongebob band-aid.

From there, electronically speaking, things have gotten progressively worse. Yeah, you read that right, worse. As in, not better. Currently, my cell phone is speaking the contents of each incoming text message out loud and I have no idea why. Also, I can't log in to my work account due to a corrupt roaming profile.

Most importantly, as you may have noticed, there was something buggy and gross going on with Beelog over the last few days. Once this was brought to my attention (likely in the same manner that it was brought to yours; via repeated crashing and browser freezing) I soon realized that I couldn't even fix the template without crashing myself out. Not good.

So, I temporarily moved honeykbee.blogspot.com to honeykbee2.blogspot.com to tinker safely with the template while ensuring that no readers were to be caught in my icy cold web of technological stupidity. Thing is, when I was ready to sashay back over to Beelog's home address, some asshat had snatched it up! He's now using it as some kind of cable sales site. Cables of all things!

I don't know what's worse, the fact that someone stole my blog name while I was diligently working the code to make the world a better place or the fact that there's apple pie in the conference room.
...screams my cellphone.


DaGince said...

If you could just go ahead and give out your cell number to the Interwebs, yeah that would be great.

dwb said...

What is an asshat?

PurgedHalo said...