Tuesday, July 3

Favorite IM's

B: my body is rejecting itself. everything is getting uploaded. 31% done of the final sets.

JPG: when are you plopping out a bee tree from the oven?

WChill: She wanted me to go to the back of the mini van and hold it while he pees because there was no time for anything else. I said I'm not holding your sons pecker while he pees.

L: was that vomit from my bad taste or did it actually just happen?

Anon: Do they speak Korean in What?!

Jan08: i don't want to discuss threatening measures until I have to

TheMan: this is sparta! and dont get joint checking accounts until you’re married!

Anon: but at least you don't have to work with Koreans in Burke, Va

Poo: winky winky bum bum poo poo

WhosThatGirl: iWipe.

TheMan: if he asked me if im a top or bottom mean that courts adjoured?

B: one these days, i'm going to cut you into little pieces

WChill: So of course, I take the cup, and take Jake in the back. He pulls down his pants and I hold the cup up and he fills that fucker almost to the top!. Thank the lord I angled it properly so it didn't splash on me. He's done. I put the lid on. We drive to Men's wharehouse with me holding a cup of piss sloshing around. The cup is warm like apple cider.

TheMan: i hate the world i live in..im currently eating carrots for dessert

SlowBoat: ill tango my ass to the door

Shakes: i would never make you swing

Albatross: Idiot asshole? I thought we were going with idiot?

NoVa: The Devil's Den for all intensive purposes

WhosThatGirl: i feel like something might have been rammed up my ass, was that you as well?

TheMan: pwned! radiancy? radgancy? im also starting to buy into your "vince vaughn is gay"dar

L: like, when i'm supposed to eat at 12;30, and it's 12:35, i may be a little.. anxious. just get a little antsy when my fiid is late. heaven help the person who gets in the way of my 4:00 snack.

WChill: I had this nightmare that Jake told his father I touched his penis and his father got me arrested.

L: i think i'll pass on getting a bathroom accessroy for my birthday

B: How much you pay for speeding ticket?


Scott said...

The potty-theme is cracking me up.

DaGince said...

Alas, nothing this time...course I would have to actually speak to her to get on the list...its all my fault

Deatoni said...

While it was a terrific description, i will longer be able to drink warm apple cider without thinking "sweet ,im drinking baby piss."