Thursday, June 14

Top Ten Reasons The Screen Went Black

10. Successful completion of Beelog's: Operation Comcast Annihilation

Edited for content by the BlockBuster Evangelical Movement

8. Two words: Onionring landmine.

7. Paris Hilton laughs maniacally, releases her finger from the button, and cackles "If I can't watch cable, no one can watch cable!".

6. Steven Perry's outraged great-grandchildren complete time travel

5. Y2K snafu

4. Adrianna, the reincarnated Spiderphile kitty, chewed through the wire

3. Bin Laden chooses his moment to run barefoot across the desert and all stations break-in for news coverage

2. Sirius and XM merged

1. It's the white man holding us down.


honeykbee said...

Oh oh oh! I've got another one!

Damnit, I forgot what it was. Got distracted by that "Laundry Shoe Store" Link down there. Wtf is that anyway?

Oh oh oh, I remember!

11. Sponsored by The International House of Phil's Head Pancake

Yeah ok fine, they can't all be winners.

mineIsay said...

ok, they can't ALL be winners, but #1 is damn funny. Now that you've accomplished that task, can you take on the people on my list? start with Verizon, they STILL owe me $200.

Deatoni said...

Oh oh! how about:

12. Big Pussy rose from the ocean and became Big Dickhead who couldnt write an ending!

Beakerz said...

If only #2 would happen. heh heh.

Swishy said...

No. 3 makes sense to me!