Wednesday, May 9

Lele Meme for Keke

Much obliged to Lele for not only compelling me to Google The Eye Of Sauron and for awakening my sleepy synapses in order to respond to an interview but also for providing me with something to momentarily take my mind (and blog) off of the SEARING PAIN IN MY NOW SOGGY ELBOW. NO, IT'S NOT ITCHY AT ALL, WHY DO YOU ASK?

Anyway, the way this works is that I commented on Lele's blog and she sent me 5 questions. If you comment on this blog and request that I interview you, I will send you 5 fantastically creative questions and you must post the answers (along with this lengthy explanation) on your blog. Or post the answers in the comment section here if you're one of those last remaining holdouts without their own public forum in which to bitch and/or moan.


1) What was your favorite reward/treat as a child?

Ice cream. In fact, the acquisition of said tasty frozen treat was the sole driving force of my initial interest in learning French as it twisted my pigtails to not understand what it was my parents were yammering on about after dinner and whether or not it potentially involved sprinkles.

Boy did it blow their minds when I one day busted out with:
"Oui! Oui les enfants veulent beaucoup la crême glacée, goddamnit!"

2) If someone described the person you are now, to the person you were
10 years ago, what would you absolutely not believe?

Oh the tailspin of negativity this question has inspired!
  • That I am still residing in the DC area
  • My salary
  • My weight
  • That I am scheduled to attend 1's wedding
  • That I have failed to learn how to fall on the padded parts
  • That L and I went to Paris and did NOT go up the Eiffel tower
  • that still don't know how to close the deal
  • and that I have otherwise not changed.

3) Are there any moments you wished you had taken a picture of, but didn't?

Au contraire, there are many moments of which I have pictures that I wish I did not!

4) What do you think the consistent trait about you has been?

Charming and clever self deprecation.

5) Are you EVER moving back to NY??

Boy she never fails to slip that one in there, does she?


mineIsay said...

per usual, #5 goes unanswered.

Scott said...

who's caprice?

Madame M. said...

^ I'm thinking you meant "capisce."

Sorry about your elbow, but I see your funny bone is still intact :oP

Scott said...

I think Caprice is the name of K's old hair dresser from Jersey

PurgedHalo said...

My dearest wife would like to know why you have a giant burning hooha on your blog. Just wondering. :P

Beakerz said...

Ask careful

and hi purged =)

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Oh oh me me...