Friday, May 18

I Leave You With This...

Favorite IM's of the week. Gotta go make sure the bright lights of The Strip are still in place. I know, I know, it's tragic, but hey, someone's gotta do it. I'm sure to have some lovely photos upon my return. Of me trying to do all kinds of things one-handed.

Try to save up some funnies for me so you're extra saturated with comedic goodness when I get back, 'k guys?


kershdo: if i stick it in ur nose, u might lose an eye...

NdrH2Owolfman: that's MY smurf glass!

Feet: don't worry, full arm casts are IN in CA this season

TheMan: some people discuss weather, politics, dating...i apparently talk about pubic hair styles

Area51: yeah make you appreciate the bidie toilet washing system

Lele: it usually only hurts when i'm walking for a while, and carrying a shopping bag

Beyer: I would love to play with my balls this weekend

Needles: you spend 12 hours in an operating room with the same 3 people and it eventually turns to sex

Lele: with 4 hucks in the back, i can't possibly do that without seeing them

Beyer: the world is starring at me

One: my ear canal does not need female menstruation

Lele: this has inspired a new bra entry

Area51: Stubbles come back stubbles


Lele: maybe i should sip the coffee

Beyer: is going to a movie on vacation bad?

One: what, you failed an anal inspection?

TinyProfessor: NOBODY likes free! EVERYBODY likes: sega, queen and the Vikings. that's it! that's the list! STICK TO THE LIST!!

TheMan: you should be trendy and draw a picture of a crotch shot on the cast

Beyer: it's time to pull up our shirts and put our hands down our pants

SwittersPissed: It wasnt so much a "telling off of my boss" as much as it was a I know everything dont bother lying, I am the only one that knows and if you want to keep it that way start telling me the truth now cause I am about to pop and fuck you in the eye with a elephant tusk" you know standard protocol.

Beyer: if you can believe it, i had a hot pocket.... flush pocket...

Lele: the high is a high of high and low


Beakerz said...

if only i knew who half these people were, i think it'd be funnier. ie, your code is so deeply entrenched, I barely know what I've said.

but they are funny.

have fun on your trip....i mean, our trip. WOO!!!!

Michelle said...

See you soon.


DaGince said... in there like 3 that beaks? 3 times alll riiiight...

Scott said...

damnit...didnt make the list for once. i guess that's what i get for going on vacay...

Scott said...

found a shirt for you:

HaveYouSeenLucky said...