Wednesday, April 11

These Things Just Write Themselves

It's a good thing that you guys are as funny as you are cause I'm really busy with work... and finding appropriate attire for a series of upcoming festivities. But mostly, I've been working (and you must know that when I prefer doing work to doing something else that said else is probably pretty awful. <--- Doesn't she look happy?).

Btw -- upset that you don't see yourself (or a pseudonym that you suspect might be yourself) below? What can I say -- get meebo and be funnier.

Ms.Church: dinner was good except his grandmother sort of had a heart attack and had to be taken to the hospital

CanIGoHomeNow: i could see if i could get some mumu's form the Golden Girls Memorabilia collection

SurfZombie: they should rename the offense from "illegal left turn" to just "left turn". "This monster turned left with impunity!"

Beyer: he's like my new douche

Albatross: I would sue their asses...but that is me after I made a contract with their god to de-accredit them

Chill: Gordon Ramsay is the tits

Ms.ShotPut: And, excuse me, how did I become the "whore ass vixen"?? Last I checked, your pot pie smelled like your neighbor

Wild&: is he having banana withdrawal?

SurfZombie: they don't let retards get married

Ms. Church: if you get fired, you can get a new job at commander salamander

KingRichThe1st: ...depends..Got my $119.00 Dollar Bling Bling Big Khecka Khecka Refund Check..Baaadaw!

Beyer: like your brother with all the other shits

Ms.Church: we haven't even played in over a week. I think we're too lazy. To play games.

CanIGoHomeNow: I've worked up an appetite after leaving the dealership w/ the "L" word


SurfZombie: If I need a few extra sentences I can always slip in the rotten ovaries line

Beyer: does your cable get fuzzy? and i love snorting cocaine off gay men's stomachs

DwB: i think i have reached the point in my life where i no longer do things i don't want to because i have to

Delta: people love boobs everywhere, don't let god fool you.


Stanley said...

I'd like to say, that first IM just set the tone for the rest of the set just so nicely. Commonplace at first, then quickly disintegrates into the fucked-up-funnies.

DaGince said...

I so love making the B-List!

Scott said...

i am appalled by our horrible spelling and grammar!

Beakerz said...

My mother calls it Bloomies!

haveyouseenlucky said...

Why does Pinky have mouse ears on that dress?

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Who do I have to fucking blow to get on this list?