Tuesday, March 27

I Lie To My Friends

Met some work folks in Bethesda's Dehli Dhaba for some lunch and terrible service today but in the 51 minute interim between being seated and receiving my Samosas, I did learn the following from my illustrious colleagues:
  • Oranges are routinely sprayed with cyanide to make them orange.
  • "Processed scallops" are infused with water to make them appear bigger. If attempting to saute said scallops, expect them to deflate into a watery grave.
  • Sinus surgery and a detailed discussion of sinus scraping are acceptable lunch conversations.
  • The CEO's wife is lactose intolerant. Ice cream just "tears her up".
Now please enjoy your Vindaloo.

Also, today is Jake's birthday so I'd like to give a shout out to the little man who holds my world together with his squeaky howl. Below you see him trying to get accustomed to the new furniture... or perhaps showing it who's boss. Not sure.

SL: zach wants to play tennis but i'd rather have a beer somewhere outside - what do you say??
SL: i've got chocolate...
Bee: sorry. i cant. i didn't go to the gym this morning so i HAVE to go this afternoon.
Bee:: plus its kinda... jakes birthday.
SL: are you having a party for him?
SL: please don't say yes
Bee: then no.
SL: you're having a party for the cat???
Bee: no!
SL: uh-huh


Needtsza said...

F yea, we're having a party of the cat. He's the best thing.....sliced bread can kiss my left nut compared.

Scott said...

::rolling neck:: mmmm hmmm

Keyser Soze said...

Funny how SL wanted to have a beer outside and then a thunderstorm started up...

PS: The way I read B's comment, it looks like you are going to party "using the cat"...I hope Jake wasn't given shooters and then shaved or something...

haveyouseenlucky said...

Did you make him wear a little hat? I hope there are pictures.

honeykbee said...

The birthday party went rather well, thank you, there was no shaving of any kind.

What's even funnier, Mr. Soze, is that prior to your bout with said scraping, I'd never heard of this procedure before! And now twice in a short interval!

Not only that, but two Menudo mentions in one day!


Lori said...

awwww happy(belated) birthday Jakie!