Monday, February 12

Spiders on Drugs

This is just fascinating. And edumacational!

Btw, lifted this off of COTBS.


Deatoni said... me going there, i was like thats really unlikely since our physiology isnt the sa....AHHH good one. Drugs are bad mm kay?

Scott said...

So that's how you became B's bitch....

Lori said...

First Church of Christ, Filmmaker


I like the little fake gun the best. LOL

haveyouseenlucky said...

Yeah ...ok


dionna said...

It was so painful to watch that since I'm deathly afraid of spiders - especially the crack spiders. But it was worth the laugh. ;)

Tom said...

oh, Dionna would like to pop a cap in a spider's thorax (if you know what I mean)

great video.