Monday, December 25

Source for Some Definitive

If you're like me, you're alone in the office on this dreary Tuesday and there ain't jack to do.

Meebo's hibernating for the winter or something and there's really no one on line anyway. Y'all are off shopping the deep Kwanzaa discounts, or with family, or shopping with family.

Have no fear, as I (courtesy of the usualy insipid Roosh V) am here with tons of TED diversions that will chase away your post-holiday blues while embiggening your brains.

For example-- could it be that this man, this man here with the giant 'fro and more than a little sketchy crystal methness going on about the ocular area, he who seemingly hath very little right to be on the receiving end of a camera, can he be so very brilliant with an analogy as to change my sour and bitter outlook on life?

Malcolm Gladwell

"There is no good mustard, there is no bad mustard, there is no perfect mustard or imperfect mustard, there are only different kinds of mustard that suit different kinds of people".

Barry Schwartz asks, "do we have too many choices"? And he does so in shorts and a t-shirt. Which, you know, is my personal attire preference for the effective modern sociologist.

"Opportunity costs subtract from the satisfaction we get out
of what we choose even when what we choose is terrific".



FMS said...

thanks for the distraction.
i needed it.

i miss my doggie!

Carrie M said...

i'm glad someone else feels the same about mustard - phew!

i'll be with you in dreary boredom tomorrow. maybe we can come up with a blog game? ;-)

Barbara said...

I am mostly alone at the office and rather bored. I needed something to laugh about. Loved the quote about mustard. So true!

Madame M said...

Malcolm. Gladwell. Is. The. Awesome.

Happy Kwanzaa!!

Rothko said...

Daniel Gilbert is another one who talks about how having more choices tends to make us less happy, even though we often believe the opposite is true. Fascinating.