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Monday, October 16

Is It Raining, Is It Snowing, I Have Absolutely No Way of Knowing...

Its 4:11p on Monday and I’ve been onsite at my new location/office/client site since arriving at 9:30a. Wait, no, that’s nearly entirely untrue. I did get here, per their request, at 9:30a, but then I took off at noon for a 12:30 lunch meeting in Bethesda. --Ah, good old Bethesda—remember when I used to work in Bethesda? Yeah… those were the good old weeks. I’d wile away the hours, enjoying all the flowers (?), peering out my window and nibbling on free dark chocolate morsels until it was time to decide which of the 750 restaurants within a 3 block radius I would patronize and/or take or a jaunt through fall foliage or the bookstore. Good times, good times. *Sigh*

Anyhow, by the time I lollygagged back to my new “office” (read: dungeonous cube) this afternoon, it was nearly 3pm. Besides the fact that they knew I was coming days in advance, figure my three hour absence would give them plenty of time to get my network account together so that I could get online, right? Wrong. Apparently it takes a whole lot longer than one might imagine for a government worker to click the box next to “activate account”. There’s likely a whole team assigned to this very ticket, and right now they’re all standing around, hovering over the admin computer, discussing how to go about checking that box in the most efficient manner. Should we right click? Should we left click? Perhaps we should break off into teams and write some mission statements and business continuity plans first…

Hell, this could take weeks. Months, even.

With nothing else to do, I’m staring at a wall of my cube and pretending it’s a window. It’s a good thing that my imagination is far better than my memory.

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