Tuesday, October 3

Challa Back Yo

The network is down. I’ve got a major assignment due today (my first!) and I can’t do my work or surf. My hands are tied. Which is good because I’m fasting and there’s pre-Halloween chocolate minis everyfreakinwhere! I decided that the big man upstairs (if he’s even home. Which I doubt) would encourage my attempts to keep my lucrative position so I made it in to the office today, but I’m not eating. It’s a lose-lose scenario for me so it’s gotta be spiritually redeeming.

Oh, and my car is in the shop. Again. The “emergency jumpstart” box in which I invested $50 yesterday makes a lovely discus. Piece of shit. 20 hours of charging for naught. It and that easy button are about as useful as a crocheted thong.

Goddamnit, someone’s eating tuna! Sitting across from the kitchen has very few perks. Today especially.

Does smoking count as breaking the fast?

Ohh yeah. I’m going to have a whole new pile of sins for which to atone by the end of this day.


Needtsza said...

I was told smoking isn't against the rules ;)

Happy Yom Kippur bear bear boo bear bear bear bear

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Crotched thong, huh? Hmmm...