Thursday, September 28

Good Morning, Patty!

By now you've certainly been wondering where I went and are likely deeply concerned about my budding painkiller addiction. Have no fear-- NewJob is just testing out some new intrusion prevention software that has rendered me (at least temporarily) unable to post to blogger. NewJob has also assigned me a blast of new tasks, otherwise I would have been working on and/or solved the inability to post to blogger during the day problem by now. Stay tuned. I'm on it. Suddenly, I'm on a lot of things. Except meds. Yup, no more "painkillers". I'm back in action. Or at least my feeble version of "action". One lumpy elbow and nothing else to show for my horse-drawn troubles. Would you care for a game of squaaaash?

So what's more boring than hearing about new intrusion detection devices and battle scars? Right! Dreams!

Ok so last night (as the nail in my sushi obsession coffin) I dreamt of rainbow cookies. It wasnÂ’t so much that I grabbed a fleeting bite of one little cookie as a driveby nibbling woven in as a cameo during the midst of some other dreamy adventure, oh no no no, it was more that the entire dream itself revolved around the consumption of an entire plate piled high with the tasty, pasty layered delights. As best as I can tell, my entire night consisted of nothing else but the delicate dining of chocolatey goodness. So vivid was the dream that when I awoke to find no rainbow cookies in sight, I was astounded and immediately heartbroken. Heartbroken! *gasp*! Damnit, they were right here in my hand a second ago! What a horrible way to start the day!

Perhaps my body is experiencing some kind of mercury overload combined with almond paste deficiency?

Anyway, it's raining like crazy right now, thunder and lightning, which means it's way too scary to venture out to the racquetball court. This is just fine with me since I've been up and out before 6am every day this week and I've already changed into my post-work slackerwear. Taking the metro and getting up before the sun?! Well whoa there momma, this week has been one big hellova ho-down!

Truly, if not for Nintendogs you surely would have seen me on the news by now, going Goetz on fellow metro riders. And by "fellow" I don't mean that they, too, find deodorant to be mandatory. I've been keeping my head buried in my new toy, and breathing through my mouth. I swear those little pixelated wet noses are the gosh dern cutest things I've ever seen. Lucky for them they can't smell the Red Line.


Patty said...

Ah, finally a little normalcy back in my morning coffee! Good morning to you too!

kershdo said...

Ohh man, I missed it, didn't I?

Needtsza said...

At least you didn't have to take the metro in the 6am, etc etc. And hey, you got to be with me.

Twas it all THAT bad? ;)

and speaking of mercury poisoning, we haven't had in a while...wanna go tonight?

Golightly said...

I hate dreams like that! but those cookies look yum. damn!