Friday, September 15

Car. Testosterone. What Could Go Wrong?

I know, I know, it's Friday and you're sick of working. Just one more little task before you head for the hills. Yep, that's right, you can leave as soon as you're done.

Guess how each of these stories ended!
  1. You know that new car that my parents bought? The one that they keep in the driveway, stare at with longing smiles and tears of joy in their eyes? Right, the first new car they've owned. Someone (who will remain nameless, but shares an allele with me) borrowed it without permission and took it to the city.. [here's the part where you come in. Go ahead. Guess. You'll probably be right]

  2. We're supposed to have people over this weekend (including but not limited to the aforementioned sibling and his beloved and absolutely adorable other half) but the Praxis II National Teaching Exam is offered again tomorrow. The Praxis people haven't bothered to distribute the results of the one that B took over a month ago so... [see those dots? Those are your cue.]

  3. The client I've been "working with" since I arrived at my new job 5 weeks ago, has ceased communicating with me. Completely. NewBoss has brought to my attention that I have 90 days to "prove myself", which is rather difficult when the client won't return your calls...

  4. Thanks to Scott's brilliance, and some 29 Prellings, the pink in my head has finally begun to succomb to a more humanesque color. Whew. Hey but remember those greys that caused me to dye my hair in the first place...?

Well, that'll do it for this week. Good job. Good job, indeed. Tell your boss I said you can go.

What? No. No, you can't have an ice cream sandwich, too. Don't be piggy. Put that down.


Golightly said...

Oh no...what did you parents do?
I'd be yelling all sorts to the Praxis folks. And a strong worded voicemail for the MIA clients...even though I'm sure you cannot. Uh oh I hope it gets better, at least you got 90 days...I had zilch. I'll keep a good thought for you.
What happened to the gray hairs?
Have an awesome weekend!

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

1. Brother? Just a guess. I have a brother so I think I know where this is going to end.
2. So because they have not given him the results, he is going to take it again? Or is this another in a series of tests. I know nothing about Praxis. I only know how to call the federal government on their bullshit and play guitar
3. Clients suck. They are complete idiots most of the time. Take a page from the Ninja Monkie Handbook of Project Management and give them a terse call.
4. I was really looking forward to seeing this new pink-esque version of you.

Tell B Good Luck tomorrow and give my condolensces to your parents.

Lori said...

1) Um it got towed..
2) He's gonna re-take it? Might as well what could it hurt.. other then maybe his wallet if he has to shell out more cash for the test.
3) Client.. start cc'ing the boss and any other people involved on any communcation that you send to them. Make it known that you are out there trying to get ahold of them and things just aren't happening.. on their end.

I'll definetly be there tomorrow.. not quite sure still on the hubby.. but the wee one will be with me. We won't be staying long, so you don't have to worry about holding back on the fun stuff for too much of the night. :)

Scott said...

1) I'm with Lori on the Towing...maybe the boot after having been reported stoled. Oy vhat a ganif!
2) He's having a hissy-fit?
3) Time for you to cry and storm out of the office swearing in yiddish?
4) in the words of Emmett Honeycutt "I'd rather my flame burn bright than be some puny little pilot light."