Saturday, July 29

Hot as a Poker

At some point last night, someone probably won some money in our livingroom. I know that it wasn't me, even thought I did participate in my first ever non-pixelated poker game (!), but I can't say that I recall much else about last night. Other than total recall of having had just a tad more than my personally imposed limit of one vodka drink.

Ah, the heart of summertime in the nation's capitol. It's so humid and sticky that near constant bathing in cold, cold showers are the only (albeit temporary) remedy. Almost as soon as you step out of the shower, you regret doing so (even though my oft-wet hair now looks as if it's been frizzed by an electrified frizzing machine on the planet Frizzitron). Ambitions to get on the racquetball court are dashed before both feet are even out of the tub. If not for moving from bed to couch, or repeated sets of hotdog-to-mouth, I'd get no exercise at all.



Hope you are enjoying the dwindling hours of July.

If not... I suggest turning up the AC and cuddling up with Alton today for a Good Eats marathon!


Chief Ninja Monkie said...

Define "a tad." Did we see Angry Karen last night? Sorry I missed it. Had to babysit the kids as my wife had an engagement to attend to.

Needtsza said...

I suggest never watching Good Eats