Monday, July 10

Did The Deed

Shaking like a leaf (not because I have any fear of regret, but because my boss is about as approachable as a wet maguai) I submitted my resignation this morning. Looking at the letter, my boss said "oh no". Notice the lack of italics or bold. I didn't even get to finish my prepared "I've put a lot of thought into this and ..." statement before she Meryl Streep'd the letter to the floor and asked "where are you going?".

I told her I was going to Starbucks.

Asked if she wanted anything while I was there, didn't wait for an answer, and proceeded to have the most satisfying triple mocha latte the world has ever known.

Happy birthday to my peeps, Mrs. Hawke and Mr. Mopper (no relation).


MAD MAC said...

what took you so long..

I am not to sure about you and N wearing the manly underarmour...

I say we hit the Baltimore UA store and get sushi really soon..

Lets Party

Let FreedomRing

Lori said...

Good for you! :) Congrats on the new job etc. :)

So who is your boss sleeping with that she's not gone already.. with that many people leaving.. the upper ups have got to realize it's her and not allllll those people. Or are they just as afraid to fire people as they are at my place of work. (which by the way is a nice perk for me, since I"ve been sooo slacking lately)

Chief Ninja Monkie said...

You Go Girl (God, I feel like a dork for saying that)!!!

NoodleP said...

I love it! Starbucks. That is awesome!!