Tuesday, June 13

Kick Ass!

You know how when you're fresh out of college, or the military, or Hamburger University, and your wet behind the ears, naive, green self starts going on job interviews, how you have this image in your mind of how the process will go down? How they will immediately love you and you will immediately love them and the click will be so palpable that it's actually audible? Yeah well, if you were even half the pessimist I was, this scenario never even occurred to you. Making what happened today seem all the more unlikely.

But it happened.

An hour and a half of racquetball later, my head is still spinning. I'm not sure if it's dehydration, seven months of nearly complete sensory deprivation, or new-job-euphoria (which is alarmingly similar to "old-job-leavoria") but I do know that B's is not the only ass that I just kicked, that I'm seeing good friends tomorrow for lunch and dinner, and that vacation is peek peek peeking it's head over the horizon.

For the first time in a long time, I feel as though I might actually enjoy what lies ahead.


Needtsza said...

RB was a fluke, I tell you! Just ask DWB about RB flukes.

Other than that, congratz. See ya around 10

Scott said...

OOh honey..congrats! Tell me more..inquiring minds want to know!

kershdo said...

With a smirk upon my face, I imagine a disinterested 3rd party overhearing our conversation as we shovel our way through the food trough today and I quote:

P: I've been diagnosed w/ an under active thyroid.

K: I’m sooo happy for you, I want one, too!

D: LMAO over the lamb shank **thinking, damn we’re a getting old**

Ladies, thank you for one of the most memorable luncheons I have ever had!!

dwb said...

hello egg, this is the chicken - I'm gonna move right over here in front of you today because ordinarily I am just so damn pessimistic and cynical.

and 21-12 is not a fluke my friend... (btw, new delivery for Sun just arrived)