Sunday, June 11

7th Row

They say you can't go back. And clearly they were talking about "the lawn" when they said that. Cause once you've sat close enough to your favorite rock star to see his botox needle entry marks, there's little chance you'll ever again find yourself sitting barefoot in the mud, holding binoculars while 17 year olds puke on you.

Holy crap was that a fantastic show. There are no words. You just had to be there.

Even Felonious Monk and his band of merry thieves ($25 for spicy tuna fish on wheat and 11 grapes?! Puh-leaze), a 2 hour wait and getting kicked out of the parking lot by Virginia's Finest couldn't ruin our ginormous permi-smiles (it took my cousin's engagement to do that).

We also saw (and sang to) Peter Bogdanovich and his filmcrew. Look for us in the upcoming TPATH movie...! =O !!


Needtsza said...

and Congratz to Adam and his future bride

Needtsza said...

and for those that don't know, the girl on lsd came in video form first.