Sunday, May 7

Happy Monday

It's over an hour after my bedtime and my beloved keeps saying "go to bed" but they're up to the part in Road Trip where stiffler says "1800 miles in 3 days? Road trip!" and I fear I am thereby doomed to a week over overexhaustion.

Bailed on an appointment to see a condo and got my nails done instead today. Which was after a Friday night movie, gigantic bonfire on Saturday, and a Sunday devoid of any productivity. It's becoming clear that I have the same priorities and past times as a pre-pubescent midwesterner.

Austin. Austin Massachusetts.


Needtsza said...

Your second picture is right on.

Good weekend =)

Now Go to bed ;)

Scott said...

Hey! I resemble that comment

dwb said... countries where people sleep late, pray, and live off the people who wake up early to create death and famine....