Tuesday, May 9

Bring Out Your Dead!

Seems that things are starting to turn around for me and suddenly nearly everyone else I know is miserable. Coincidence, or do I thrive on the misery of others? Hmm.

Maybe that grey raincloud that's been following me around just found it's way elsewhere. Or, much like happiness, there's only so much misery to go around.

All I know is:
- My nails are longer than they've ever been,
- The douchebag with the really loud and really yellow vehicle that parks and trumpets itself outside our bedroom window is leaving,
- I finally beat the crabstick level of Diner Dash,

- made it to the racquetball court after an 18 day hiatus (read: atrophy)
- got cheap season tickets to Six Flags

- And my boss took an unexpected day off today.

Dare I tempt fate and do a happy dance?


Scott said...

you can dance, but keep it inside. don't want to taunt fate...she's such a vengeful cunt sometimes.

Joel said...

happy dance! you may like it enough to do it again in the near future :)

Needtsza said...

clouds come and go, but happy dances seem to be Very infrequent.
I say do the Electric Slide if you have the room!