Thursday, May 25

Birthday Wishes

"I wanted to be the first to wish you a HAPPY BIRTDAY my favorite sister. Love you tons and here's to another great [EDITED FOR CONTENT] (holey fucking moley you're old) years." -DWB

Wish this were lifesize!


Needtsza said...

Actually, I beat you. 12:02am
so There =P

Happy Birthday Girlie O'Mine


NoodleP said...

Happy birdle dirdle to da you da doodle!
Happy birdle dirdle to da you da doodle!
Happy birdle dirdle to da you da doodle!
Happy birdle dirdle to da you da doodle!

Scott said...

I don't know but I've been told....
Someone here is gettin' old...



Celebrate Ghetto-style (to go w/ your blog): Go roll yourself a joint, break open a 40, holler at the mens, and then go bust the cadillac upside a dairy queen or sumfin'. After that, wait for them to let you out on parole...go to church, talk all up out ya head, and take yourself a nerve pill as you watch "All muh Chilrens"

Joel said...

hb to kb :)

Anonymous said...'re younger than Molly Simms, right? Take some comfort in that. LOL!

Scott said...

btw, You've got a mighty lovely-lookin' cupcake.

(sorry, couldn't resist)

Deatoni said...

Happy birthday Nilly/K!!

DaGince said...

..ah shit,I'll be nice...happy happy..

honeykbee said...

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