Tuesday, March 28

Yindies Schmindies

I found this article interesting (and not just because my best friends' brother is in the accompanying photo) and passed it along to some friends. Below are the responses I received:

JC: UHHHHH, why does everything on this list apply to me???

LK: While not quite yet, I can see us relating to us in maybe 5 years.

LBM: ut-oh... i feel like i am being severely compartmentalized :)

PF: Holy Cow.... JF's a Grup!

EC: Is this a stab at me?

JS: It sounds like many guys I know but not FS. That boy has almost more shoes and clothes than I do. He loves to shop; Banana Rebublic is one of his favorite stores and he often goes there with his friend Mark! I swear, if I had not married him I would often think him gay.

More from JC: i don't know how i feel about that....whether or not it's been carefully marketed towards a group of people just like me, or what. Am i just a part of a certain anti-consumer consumer group? Scary shit...

Thanks, you guys, for unknowingly participating in today's post. Now go listen to the new New Pornographers. It's good for ya.

Remember: Age is but a number.


DaGince said...

I would like to put forth that my messenger bag was part of a gift pack I purchased some cologne...I can be thrifty too, as well as hep.

Joel said...

sing me some Spanish techno, please...;)

Scott said...

I like my messenger bag. People made fun of my back-pack while in school, so I went w/ the more trendy man-purse look. ;-)