Thursday, January 26


Our "don't touch, don't tell" laptop policy is on hiatus while my hard drive is being (hopefully) repaired but still I can't be on long because a) it has become apparant that I could really use a post-racquetball shower and b) B's machine is controlled by that silly little nipple crushed between the "G", "B", and "H" keys and I simply can not tolerate it. I have like zero nipple control and even less nipple patience. Communistic little red nipple.

Anyhoo-- I wanted to share this.


Anonymous said...

i like the nipple! the touchpads jump your text all over the place and you end up sending something completely incomprehensible.

imagine what squaterdat would have looked like with a touchpad!

NoodleP said...


Needtsza said...

a one-time haitus. sounds good, given you hate my machine enough to piss-and-moan because I have mine set the way I like it.

Let's see if we can get your Dell up to running speed, then you can go back to banging the shit outta it.

It's gotta be better than my lil'button problem