Wednesday, December 28

This Feeling is Loathing

Growled out of bed around 11 this morning, not leaving enough time to get Mochinated ~pout!~ before rushing off to meet B's folks and sibs for a matinee of Wicked, which proved to be four of the most entertaining hours of my whole life. At the end, I just turned to B and said "yay".
From me, that's a rave review. (It was the sincerest of "yay"s).

Highly recommend scoring tickets, if at all feasible. Ditto for the new cell phones we picked up today. I think the new cell might have a bit of an echo, but it still beats the poo out of my old phone, which fails to function even as a proper paperweight. *fills cheeks with air and blows phone off of table*

Then we hit the gym. Yep, really. Again. Who knew?

Oh and my favorite song? Hard to say, but perhaps "What is This Feeling", as I was the only one laughing in a sold out arena. Not girly giggling either; full-on "HA!" laughter.

Always an adventure.


Needtsza said...

Not a bad day, all in all, A?

Ltb. I'll post later...similar topics and more. Something to entertain you on Friday.


EBC3 said...

Wicked, huh? I just picked up the book. Looking forward to reading it on vacation (yeh! Vacation!).

Scott said...

I want to be popular!! ;-) I can't wait to see it, the songs that I've heard from it are great. :)

Deatoni said...

Both the show and the book are great. I went to Puerto Rico and didnt even glance at the beach because i was too into reading that book. Slow second half though.

I had the case of the douchebag chills when she rose to the ceiling on her broom.

Awesome, now you and L can exchange song lyrics at each other. Who's gonna be Elphaba?

Needtsza said...

Ly will be, of course....wait, is that a good thing? ;)

honeykbee said...

I think it's pretty clear who Elphaba is.

However, the "douchebag chills" might require some 'splainin'...?!