Monday, December 26

Some Days Are Diamonds...

My boyfriend is the bestest boyfriend! Lookie what I got:

...Some days are rocks

I'm all kinds of sparkly now!

Also picked up a good chunk of change (read: car payment) in AC, as well as a couple of coughing (yet always lovable) Chans.

It's been a nice vacation, though I am a mere serving of dim sum and a romp through the outlets away from it being over. *Sigh*

So, what goodies did y'all give/get?

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Michelle said...

Gorgeous earrings and necklace, K! (Way to go, B). How fun.

Hmmm. My gifts... I got 212 Sexy Parfum - my favorite EVER. A yoga mat bag...

Gift card to Banana Republic, slutty shirt from my room mate, barney purple -soon to be exchanged- GAP sweater from my other room mate, Crabtree & Evelyn Sonoma Valley Gift Set and a wad of cash (read: final payoff for snowboarding trip) from my mother.

Oh yeah, that and an invitation to my brother's wedding.