Tuesday, October 11

Hit 'em Where it Hurts -- Right in the Judaica

Bears: ok seriously, you need to blog something in order to get that creepy creepy face to stop looking at me

OneBlackShoe: You had me at hello

DWB: there's been an influx of rainbow cookies

OhCanada: you should reward the good man for his hard work . . go out and buy him some ring dings and dominos
Bee: Um, Domino’s delivers.

UNK: They didn’t know the rubber floor mats wouldn’t hold

WestByGd: Clear the sidewalks! He passed!

Oosterhouse: woooo hooo lance is a hunnie

Slave2Dentist: i think i just chipped my tooth eating raw pasta :-(

Oosterhouse: there's something seriously wrong w/ the people at my office. they are always smiling

Bears: don't wanna talk about it. . . HATE the Gene

Albatross: we took a chair lift up to the wall, walked the wall for about 2 hours and TOBACCANED down..2 miles down... dad and i had a fantastic time, and our friend Rob...went and did it again with the fellow that we hired to run us around for the day..such children (only 11 year olds..those two)..then we went to a real chinese place to eat...7 of us (driver and guide) and 5 of us...ate for a total of $17......very, very good...off the chinese menu (not the tourist menu)...

Wisdom: moral of the story .. never get married, own an infinity!

WestByGd: Colonel Sanders is still an idiot.

Culpepper: presents and prizes and sweets and surprises, in all shapes and sizes!

OneBrownShoe: You make me want to be a better man

Bears: i just cleaned up piss!

Oosterhouse: crawl up a chicken's butt and wait?

Slave2UNK: it's like i told Marty once.. "you be a princess, I'm too busy being a woman"

Bears: you used to steal quarters and put them in gambling machines?

WestByGd: so far have had a trailer home blow up and a "stripper" found dead.

OhCanada: happy jewish holidays to yourself. . my homeboy brian and all that walk with lehayim on there chains

DWB: somewhere in the back of my mind i picture you chasing a hospital bed yelling "seven.....seeeeeeeeeeven!!"


Deatoni said...

Yay, IM quotes! Best post was the first post. Thank you bear.

honeykbee said...

Actually, the last one is the funniest. And thank you!