Wednesday, September 21

It's Raining in Our Bathroom

It's raining in our bathroom.

While that may sound like the beginning of a killer Dr. Suess poem, sadly it is not. Sadly, the ceiling has sprung a ginormous leak in our bathroom.

Trying to fall sleep while there's a monsoon in the connecting bath has proven to be an exercise in futility.

Trying to explain to our upstairs neighbor that we'd prefer if he didn't answer the door wearing only his tighty-whities has also proven futile.

The cat is freakin' out.

Emergency maintenance... turns out? Yeah, not so emergent.

And so, once again, we wait.

At least we've got the looping theme to The Lone Ranger keeping us company while on hold (as well as Brian's interpretive dance) , and not one of those patronizing "your call is very important to us" lying bi-otches.

Oh and hey, did I mention that I spent 2.25 hours cleaning up my closet tonight? Yeah, just before all of my clothes were showered in tighty-whitey's piss.

You lose some, you lose some.


Daniella said...

It sounds like a mess but I like the attitude very funny piece considering and the picture is perfect. Daniella

MG said...

Renter's Insurance? I hope so. =( And if you do have it, sounds like the makings of a new wardrobe. Just think of it like that.

dwb said...

no way she has renters insurance. and stop complaining - at least you have your own clothes in your closet.

Deatoni said...

Geez, sorry to hear Kbee. However i think i speak for everyone when i say that if you can capture B's interpretive dance on video, i'll donate to the restoration fund.

Okay, well maybe i dont speak for anyone.

Joel said...

aww, that sux, k!! :( just for the record, am i the only person who gets renter's insurance?

honeykbee said...

We have renters insurance (so HA), but , for me, the concept of having to do that much clothes shopping is a fate worse than death.

Curse you, you drunken Russian! Curse you and your tighty whities!

Needtsza said...

and for the record, I called stupid worthless maintainence (came in and looked at the piss falling from the ceiling and said that the guy upstairs had fixed it....WHILE piss was still coming down), I had to mop My stupid bathroom (god forbid I get to take a fucking shower), I saw the jackass in his tighty whites (as to spare K of the blinding sight....meanwhile, looking him dead in the eyes). I'm so glad I spend hours on end cleaning up this place. It's really worth it.
I mean, fuck! I finally got to sit and try to relax before bed, for the first time in weeks, and BOOM, this has to happen. OF COURSE!
Eh. maybe i'll just go PISS! and moan on my site...which no one reads, hence my writing such a long comment

kershdo said...

B - I read your blog, sometimes. I must for parental control and all that. Although, I think it is already to late for that. 8-) - dmk

Lori said...

so when are you guys going to buy a house???

Sorry about the shopping.. I feel your pain!