Tuesday, August 16

Fun For the Whole Family!

I'm going to try something new and see if any one cares/bothers to play along.

Name three people (famous or personal friends) and the custom ringtones you’ve either set for them on your phone, or would if you could.

Ok ok, fine, I'll get us started. Stop your pouting.
Current settings:

-B; If I didn't Have You (Monsters Inc. theme)
-Lysa, Mom, Dad, David and other assorted NYers; New York, New York (Sinatra style)
-Everyone else; Don't Do Me Like That (Tom Petty)

bonus (fantasy rings):
- Ashton Kutcher; Sweet Child O' Mine
- Grandma Frieda; Touch of Grey
- Jake(r Kitty); Shake Your Booty
- Casey; Mexican hat dance


Anonymous said...

Vibrate for all. -ly.

honeykbee said...

That's so not shocking. On several levels.

Come on people, shock me!!