Thursday, July 21

Lunatic Fringe

10:30am is rapidly approacing and 3/5ths of the occupants of this apartment are still very much asleep. One of them meowed at me earlier and went right back to bed. Oh, that Jason, quite the funnyman in the morning.

My new fangled french tips and I eagerly anticipate the next crisis as social and familial instability have been running amok. A boyfriend becomes an asshole for the first time, motorcycles and Explorers are crashing (not to mention Adobe), tiled picture frames remain ungrouted, parents being tormented by early bird specials, racquetball is neglected, groceries non existant, dry cleaning and class registration a major problem, wedding this weekend (for which outfits I have naught), friends are moving and spackling, breaking jaws and flying cross country without cash, and one is either tripping her ass off or single handedly rusting out the Iron Mountain with her ongoing regurgitation. Or both. All this while we have guests!

Cock a doodle doo.


Scott said...

Aww..sorry to have come at such a busy time. :-(. How can I make it up to you? Want me to paint you a piggy?

Anonymous said...

Ummm, K? Does someone need a Xanax? Seriously, everything ok?


honeykbee said...

Yes. Yes, a piggie and a Xanax would be nice. Thank you both.