Thursday, March 3

Those First Two Years Must Have Been Really, Really, Boring

Happy 32nd (oops, 31st)! Anniversary to my mom and dad!

Or "18 happy years" as my dad likes to say. He's funny like that ;) (exhibit B: he has thanked every waiter/waitress we've ever had by telling them that they are "a good cook"). These two are absolutely a one-of-a-kind pair. Besides obviously owing my life to them, I owe everything that I am to them. They have taught me to greet life with much humor, a grain of salt (ok, many grains), and live every moment to it's absolute fullest. Oh and also that gym isn't important and the best place to meet a man is in a medical school cafeteria.

I couldn't love, respect, or appreciate them more. Happy anniversary, Mom and Dad.


Needtsza said...

You forgot that Psychology isn't a science ;)

Anonymous said...

These are two very handsome (and visibly intelligent) people. Small wonder that you are proud of having them as parents
Mom and Dad