Sunday, March 6

The Makings of a Nervous Breakdown

My folks were in town for the weekend and we did a wee bit o' shoppin' (of the outlet, house, and car varieties). Each was a raging success in their own right, pretty much up until the exact moment that we did the math and discovered how much more cheddar I'll need before we can afford to move out our streets--lined-with-shit ghetto (since Thursday there's been no less than 83lbs of dog, or possibly elephant, shit on our outside staircase). Also realized, around the same time mom did the heartbreaking house-math, that Brian bought the wrong under-armor underwear; so I guess we've found the excuse we weren't looking for to make the 2+hr roundtrip back to Hagerstown.

In the meantime, my car is still in the shop (do you hear that sound in the distance? cha-ching, cha-ching, cha-ching) and I've got to figure out a way to make it to DC by 8:30a to "work on" a document I've never heard of before. Amongst other things, I would like to predict that I'm going to "like to say brrr...". (Suggestions regarding both the commute and my contractual obligations regarding a CONOPS are welcome. Don't be shy, I assure you that you know at least as much as I do).

Anyhoodle, Boomer is happily gurglng away as he adjusts to his "new" environment. We had popovers for brunch and I learned how to hem pants (of the new Kasper suit mummy got for me on super-sale)!

A big shout out to my homegirl Lysa (who is literally stuck at home). Beta Sitta Down.

Hope y'all had a pleasant weekend. I gotta finish the laundry and otherwise prepare for the big, long [edited] day. One thing I wanna know(-oh-oh-oh), where does the time go?

"Like diarrhea or redheads, a job is something that you will just have to deal with."


Scott said...

Just like me, it sounds like somebody's got a case of the Monday.


Joel said...

you can afford a gaithersburg townhouse now, but not for friend Eric just bought one, he doesn't make that much money...anyways. i feel ya.

Anonymous said...

Tell B to get some cheaper underwear -- that'll save some dough.