Sunday, February 27

Favorite IMs of the Week

Names, once again, have been changed to protect the so-called innocent.
  • Bears: golden girls was on tv on friday. i wanted to laugh, but i was busy coughing
  • Slave2UNK: he just makes sense of a lot of shit i went through to find him
  • Delirious: why do i find it ironic that the acronyms for "Computer-Based Training" and "Cock & Ball Torture" are the same?
  • Bears: i can hear the kids screaming upstairs like the backstreet boys just went on stage.
  • WestByGd: WooHoo!! A moving truck just pulled up in front of the chicken bitch’s hell house. WooHoo!!
  • Bears: i do not know gene from the hair on his ass
  • One: Perhaps I will recite it as part of my eulogy.
  • MomBack: did you tell him that the Palestinian Lovers are not allowed in one of my favorite stores?
  • Bears: yea. i wanna leave my baby with my dad and go to the keys
  • Katz: No computer. plant stand.
  • Bears: he asked that I wear assless chaps, should i be worried?
  • Delirious: muh froat hu'ts
  • ImoonPackers: i'm like a snow globe that sits on your shelf, every now and then you walk by and shake me up and i'm a raging blizzard and its all dramatic, but no matter how much i blizzard, it doesnt really matter because i'm just a snow globe, there's a layer of glass between you and i and we dont really interact. you and i aren't really friends-friends, we dont hang out, we dont talk on the phone. i'm a part of your life, but only in the same way that the snow globe is a part of your decor. Eventually the snow will settle on its own
  • Bears: i can't believe i can't get my poll up =(
  • HumVee: u know how it feels.. to call 4 places.. all for people who have never heard of a sinter coated clutch plate..
  • Bears: but i got my amp, my guitar, 12 2x4's, and a corpse in the back
  • Delirious: yer just too darned hot
And still, my favorite remains:
  • Bears: Wonder how much it would be, if even possible, to hot air balloon over amsterdam countryside

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Needtsza said...

As always, very funny. Who is "ImoonPackers"?