Tuesday, February 15

Breaking the Rules

People, people, people. Valentine's day isn't like New Year's! You simply can not go around saying "happy Valentine's day" after the fact. It's just cheapens what already might arguably be the cheapest of hallmark occasions. Is it to be expected that the same people who were wishing me a "happy new year" until well into February are now going to be wishing me a "happy Valentine's day" until, like, thanksgiving? Whatever. That's fine. I guess as long as I'm getting sparkly things and flowers you can wish me a happy whateverthefuckyouwant day. Especially since my birthday is going to last at least nine.

Something's gotta go wrong cause I'm feeling just too damn good.

I got a ring and purple tulips from Brian, Randie successfully procreated, Michelle got her Wallyfied daisies afterall, my car's cholesterol has remained constant for nearly two consecutive weeks, my career is about to explode with possibilities, Lysa and Unk are still blissing out, and with a mere 95 days until our Holland adventure supreme, you can cut the warm fuzziness with a knife. (But please don't).

Seriously, the best part is that I got him to break his silly ring rule. Muhahahaaa! LTB!

  • In other news:
    • This sure helped put my existance and incessant babblings into perspective...
    • Bad dog!


Michelle said...

Brian got you a RING! Is that THE RING? That is absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations! !! :)

Loves, M

honeykbee said...

no no no, not THE ring. A ring.

Though I appreciate your concern, the hoopla is because he broke his "never give girl(s) ring unless it is THE ring" rule.

He's had this badboy in his room for almost a year. I visited with it on occasion. It's nice to legitimately have it on my finger now (next door to THE ring finger, fear not).

Joel said...

veddy nice...