Saturday, January 22

Give me Liberty

Brian tore the bejesus out of something in his shoulder which made tending bar until 5am, not to mention attempting to shovel us out of the parking lot, all the more interesting. And by "interesting" I mean "scream-like-a-girl" painful. I didn't get to deal any blackjack last night (which, turns out, was a good thing) but I was the master shuttler. That's right, spell checker, I'm making "shuttler" a word. Take that. Anyhoo, the boys are kinda bummed but I think last night was a blast, and quite a success ...considering. I gotta tell ya, just between you and me, I'm impressed at how well they pulled it off. Fo' real.

Tonight is not proving anywhere near as successful as we can't even get out of the damn parking lot. Had to bail on a much-anticipated ski Liberty trip due to the incessant white stuff. Actually, I rescind that complaint. I don't blame the snow. The snow is fluffy and white and it insulates the noise from our charming neighbors (i.e.; "I'm going to light this fucking place on fire!"). It's my ghetto apartment managements fault for not hiring Barney Gumble over Mr. Plow (that name again is Mr. Plow).

AND I couldn't get my hands on any contact lenses. "Controlled medical devices" my aunt Martha. You know what, don't even get me started.

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Anonymous said...

Definite whiney undercurrent to last post. Estrogen poisoning once again. I on the other hand, having to go to work not and to shovel not, see only the totally full glass in my beatific life.
The snow's truly magnificent and I can almost touch it from my second story window.

Boomer's pet.