Thursday, March 18

Brain Drain Feign Sane

Top of my page from yesterday's morning meeting:

Where is your brain? Seriously, where is your brain?? Well, I know where it isn't... this isn't even close to yesterday's correct date! Not even in the same decade!

How exactly am I supposed to go around, making fun of other people's intense and mystifying stupidity, when I can't even write down the correct day at the top of my page? Let alone the correct YEAR!

The sadder truth is that there was actual thought-process here. Upon taking pen to paper I recall saying to myself, "let's see, it's St. Patrick's day..." and what you see above is the outcome of what happens when I try to engage the space where my brain once resided.

2007? Did I really think it was 2007? While that would certainly explain the cuffs on my pants, I seriously have nothing left but to wonder and bemoan aloud, "oh woe is me, what has become of my feeble, feeble brain"...


Debbie said...

Did something special happen in 2007? Like did you gove birth, or win an award, etc...? If so, maybe that's why 2007 sticks out in your brain. If not, I got nothin'. (I can't explain why you think St. Pat's day is March 16...maybe it's because it's my husband's birthday. LOL!)

Kate said...

Oh, my! I must confess to doing the Exact. Same. Thing. Don't know what it is or what causes it. But it gets great giggles from my 9 year old daughter and hysterical eye rolls from my 12 year old daughter.

Fun blog! I laughed out loud several times! Come visit me at

Kate :)

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