Tuesday, February 23

Do This Don't Do That

Something that has always boggled my mind? Sign stores with really bad signs. They're everywhere. In fact, I'm not sure I've ever seen a sign store with a decent sign, let alone a good one. Isn't an eye-catching sign a basic, mission critical, function of a sign store? Well, it should be.

This "Signs By Tomorrow and Beyond" sign store sign in and of itself isn't terrible. Not the best use of space and hidden in the far corner of a stripmall, but still. The font is legible, the spelling correct, the grammar nearly so. Albeit a little squished in there and a bit of a head scratcher regarding what the "beyond" entails but hey, as sign store signs go, not terrible.

But what, may I ask, is that eagle painting about? Why was it necessary to capture this eagle in 20x20 foot splendor, the moment he lost his fish (or his testicles)? It's almost insulting, really. Eagles spend 99% of their lives in regal splendor. This is the moment you chose to capture?!

Don't drop the fish, people. Get your professional signage elsewhere.

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Deatoni said...

Giant fan.