Tuesday, February 9

Snow No

By the time I was able to break free of the 8 foot (12 foot? Who can tell anymore) snow drift blocking my car in it's icy parking lot tomb, the streets were pretty much clear. Getting out of the parking lot from there was merely a matter of navigating a Hoth-like Wolfenstienian maze of snow walls, which was really quite awesome... until the dude heading straight for me failed to recognize that the passage was one-way. The resulting honking could have easily caused an avalanche, burying us all for eons. But, alas, after yet another narrow escape, I did successfully make it to Target. With another foot (or more?) on the way today, and our electricity source hanging by a thread, it's a good thing that I got out when I did.

My claim that I was seeking eggs was a rouse (you were right, honey) as we were running dangerously low on essentials (read: Chips Ahoy and foodstuffs whose first ingredient ends with "ose". Most importantly, we were out of Chips Ahoy. Bambino's favorite).

Much to my dismay, the cookie aisle at Target looked like this:

800 different types of cookies and wafers, not including crackers (those were one aisle over). Guess which was ONLY COOKIE IN THE WORLD THAT THEY DID NOT HAVE!


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Deatoni said...

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